Peering into 2017

One of the more interesting cultural research groups is Sparks & Honey. They recently released their A-Z Cultural Glossary 2017, subtitled "The trends you need to know to be relevant."

The glossary contains 100 "must-know terms and concepts" to serve as "cultural crib sheet" to carry students of culture into the coming year. Arranged in five categories – aesthetics, media, tech and science, humanity, and ideology – there were nine words/terms that stood out to me to prepare for the cultural zeitgeist to come:

"Agendered Iconography"
The shift away from using the shape of a physical body as signage and symbols. To remove any gender stereotyping, restrooms may begin to shift away from the familiar symbols of a man and a woman figure on doors to designate which restroom is which.

"AI Morality"
Reflects the moral and ethical compass that stems from programming AI to make our decisions. When self-driving cars recognize a life-and-death situation, who lives and who dies? A recent article by NPR, which I posted to the "Daily Headline News" on, was titled "Scholars Delve Deeper into the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence." A law firm recently allocated $10 million to Carnegie Mellon University to explore the ethics of artificial intelligence. One of the biggest questions they raised was, "What happens when you make robots that are smart, independent thinkers – and then try to limit their autonomy?" Good question.

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Daily Headline News

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