The Responsibility of Knowledge

As important as a Christian mind is and the cultural commission inherent within it to engage the world accordingly, such pursuits are merely manifestations that flow from the ultimate goal of honoring God through a life lived in obedience to God.

It is not simply knowing the truth, but living under it with a free and open heart in worship of the God of truth.

This is the heart of wisdom, which is what every mind – and life – is to pursue.

Wisdom is not the same as common sense, at least as it is portrayed in the Bible, nor is it knowledge for knowledge's sake. Wisdom is the understanding of what God would have us do and then doing it, what God would have us think and then thinking it, what God would have us say and then saying it.

Throughout the Bible, the wise person is the one who does the will of the Lord; the foolish person is the one who rebels. A believer's wisdom is found first in the acknowledgment of true wisdom and then in obedience. This is decisive, for there is a great breakdown between belief and behavior, knowing and doing. The heart of wisdom is their union, as is the heart of true knowledge.

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Daily Headline News

A Company Copes With Backlash Against the Raise That Roared

Three months ago, Mr. Price, 31, announced he was setting a new minimum salary of $70,000 at his Seattle credit card processing firm, Gravity Payments, and slashing his own million-dollar pay package to do it. (Cohen, The New York Times)


Cosmopolitan Magazine Covers to Be Shielded by 2 Retailers

Rite Aid and Food Lion will soon place issues of Cosmopolitan magazine behind "blinders" to shield minors from the magazine's sexual content, they confirmed separately on Friday. (Tabuchi, The New York Times)


Pew Report Indicates More Millennials Are Living At Home Despite Job Market Recovery

According to a new report from Pew Research Center, 18- to 34-year olds are less likely today to be living independently (i.e., owning their own homes or living in a place owned by someone other than a parent) than they were in the darkest days of the Great Recession. (Bliss, CityLab)


Millennial Men Aren't the Dads They Thought They'd Be

Millennial men — ages 18 to early 30s — have much more egalitarian attitudes about family, career and gender roles inside marriage than generations before them, according to a variety of research by social scientists. (Miller, The New York Times)


The Rise of the Nones: Understanding and Reaching the Religiously Unaffiliated

The "nones" are the fastest-growing religious group of our day. Nearly one in four Americans now identify themselves as having no religious affiliation. James Emery White's book The Rise of the Nones: Understanding and Reaching the Religiously Unaffiliated explores exactly who the "nones" are, what caused this dramatic shift in today's culture, and most importantly how churches can reach these people.

Ed Setzer, president of LifeWay Research, had this to say about the book:

In an era of increasing complexity and religious apathy, James Emery White has written a book that is helpful, informative, challenging, and timely. Those who care about communicating the gospel in this complex culture and think the church must regroup and re-engage should read "The Rise of the Nones."

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