Our Dystopian Hope

Like many, many others, I spent time over the Thanksgiving holidays watching the final installment to The Hunger Games. I had read the books, always enjoyed Jennifer Lawrence as an actress, seen the other installments, so….

But a not-so-original thought came to me as I watched the previews. Namely, how dystopian visions of the future dominate our culture – and particularly the young adult culture.

There is, of course, the "Hunger Games" industry. But as I settled in to watch that film, a preview was shown for the next installment in the Divergent series, along with the first installment of The Fifth Wave series. (And did I neglect to mention The Maze Runner?)

And the number one show on almost any small-screen platform?

The Walking Dead.

All dystopian views of the future, almost all featuring young adults at the center of the story.

Why such a bleak view of the future?

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Daily Headline News

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Dealing With Good Guilt

Anyone who has ever been on a guilt trip knows one thing. It's a bad vacation. The problem is we've all been on them. Sometimes it feels like we never quit the guilt journey. Guilt over things we've done, haven't done, shouldn't have done.

Psychologists' surveys have shown that they could dismiss 90% of their patients if only they could relieve them of their guilt.

Throughout November, James Emery White is taking you on a guilt trip. Not putting you on one, but taking you on one. A trip through what guilt is, when it can be good, and when it can be bad.

The final destination?

A guilt-free life.


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