Does God Look Good On You?

I recently read a line that caught my attention. One person said of another, "God looks good on you."

The context made it clear that it wasn't meant to say that God looked on them in a favorable way, as in God's attitude or spirit toward them, but that when people looked on their life, it made God look good.

I'm not sure I've heard it put quite that way.

But I like it.

God should look good on us to others. God looked good on Jesus. I've always marveled at how Jesus could proclaim absolute truth without compromise to those far from God, and then have those very people invite him to their parties.

But as I wrote in my latest book, The Rise of the Nones, we're not quite pulling off the Jesus thing.

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Daily Headline News

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Physically Fit

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What if in 2015 we broke the cycle?

Instead of focusing on the number on the scale or the savings in the bank account, let's look at the bigger picture. During the month of January, Senior Pastor Jim White will walk through how we can be fit in all areas of life so that we can experience true change.


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