The New Center of the Christian World

One of the most important trends within the Christian movement is the explosive expansion of Christianity southward in Africa, Asia and Latin America. And with it, the new challenge of the globalization of Christianity. Philip Jenkins argues that by the year 2050 only one Christian in five will be a non-Latino white person, and the center of gravity of the Christian world will have shifted firmly to the Southern Hemisphere.

Consider Ghana in West Africa. More than 70% of Ghana's 26 million people are Christian. As a Religion News Service article observed, "The statistics understand the fervency of everyday faith. Many attend church on weeknights. All-night prayer vigils are common and billboards advertising Christian meetings line the streets.

"It's common to see people studying the Bible on the bus, and many office workers keep open Bibles on their desks."

According to the International Bulletin of Mission Research, some 41% of the world's 560 million Protestants live in Africa. This could climb to 53% by 2050.

The challenges this will bring are enormous, including the relationship between the Western and the non-Western church, which has not always been an easy one.

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