Reading Lists

Be assiduous in prayer and reading. In the one you speak to God. In the other God speaks to you.” - Cyprian of Carthage

At Church & Culture, we believe in reading – not simply for the mind, or even the soul – but as that which is decisive to making a lasting life impact. Church & Culture has compiled a number of reading lists to serve the study of the flow of history, the shape of culture, and the critical areas of spiritual formation, the Christian mind, vocation, and the church.

The following lists are designed as beginning reading plans for select areas related to understanding the times, and how to live in light of those times. They are not meant to be exhaustive, only suggestive.

Click on the topic for each list.

Engaging Culture
Entering The Great Conversation
Middle Ages
One Year Reading Program
Spiritual Formation
Ten To Begin With
Twenty Five toward a Christian Worldview
Understanding Culture

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