Church & Culture "Podcasts"

The team at wanted to serve you with "podcasts" on topics related to faith and culture. The hope is that these will serve not only pastors and church leaders, but also people looking to deepen their understanding of the nature of our post-Christian world and to help fulfill our mission to evangelize and transform culture through the local church. The first of these are drawn from the 2015 Church and Culture Conference, and these talks will be updated regularly from various addresses given by Dr. White.

How to Understand the Signs of the Times

A Seventh Age and a Second Fall

The Rise of the Nones

Three Reasons the Nones Give for Being a None

The Portrait of a None

How we Need to Rethink Evangelism

Comparing an Acts 2 vs. Acts 17 Approach

Taking an Acts 17 Approach

On Being Cultural Missionaries

The Three Key Decisions Meck Has Made

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